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GEOSIX is the quarterly newsletter. It contains society news, members news, information on recent events and philatelic research articles of interest relating to the George VI era.
Here is the index of articles which have appeared in GEOSIX: issues through to number 246
Recent articles include:

Number 255: March 2015
Comments on Articles in Previous Journals
Specimen Stamps and How to Increase the Rarity Factor in Your Collection
Have You Ever Displayed Your Collection?
Falkland Islands Dependencies: The 'Thick Maps': Two new unlisted secondary or group transfer flaws (GTFs)
A Cancel from Free Czechoslovak Forces Field Office 1942
Bradbury Wilkinson and Co. Ltd: Unadopted designs: Source portrait for the Malta essays
Grenada: Query concerning the 10/- value
Newly Found Flaws: Aden 1939-48 and 1951 Issues

Number 254: December 2014
The Newfoundland 'Long Coronation' Issue 1937: Why was the portrayal of the King so poor?
A Battle of the River Plate Cover: The end game
Current Awareness: Articles of Interest in other Journals
1946 'Victory' Issue: A New Variety for KUT?

Number 253: September 2014
Comments and notes arising from previous items in GEOSIX
Brian Rogers
London Stampex Autumn 2016, call for exhibitors from KGVICS
Serial Numbers from the printing plates of Waterlow and Sons ("House Numbers") Minutes of the AGM May 2014

Number 252: June 2014
Newfoundland: Imperforate Between Variety Discovered from the 1937 Coronation Long Set
New Discovery: Major retouch on KUT 3/-
Surface Mail from Hong Kong Detained in France During the German Occupation in WWII
Bradbury Wilkinson and Co. Ltd: Unadopted Designs: Photographic Essays from the Printer's Record Book
Articles of Interest in other Journals

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Stamp of Basutoland
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